About Us

About Us

Who we are

ORKA was founded in 2021 with a vision to become the largest regional pure play sustainability consultancy firm and services provider. We partnered with the world’s leading organizations to create innovative solutions that address sustainability challenges and unlock commercial opportunities that meet the needs of today while preserving opportunities for future generations.

Our diverse team of experts supports clients across the breadth of their organizations to operationalize sustainability, addressing their environmental, health, safety, risk and social issues.

We develop technical solutions that advance ORKA’s objectives to play a vital role in the country’s development and to promote the importance of the corporate social responsibility and Environmental protection.

Vision Mission Values

Our Vision, Mission & Values


CEO Message

Mohamed Abdalla
Chief Executive Officer

At ORKA, we are serious about our responsibility to act with integrity and give back. It is the right thing to do, and it's good for our business.

By fostering a culture of acting responsibly, we benefit the communities where we work, contributing to a cleaner planet, adding to the sense of pride and collective spirit among our employees, and strengthening our relationship with customers and shareholders.

We are proud through our partnerships, to design, measure and support the performance of companies demonstrating strong Environmental and Social responsibility practices.

Today, the world is experiencing serious environmental and health issues, especially air pollution and climate changes which creates a fertile environment for the growth of viruses and bacteria that threaten the human health and natural resources. Thus, we build our business to push the challenge of health and sustainability into new borders.

We promise that the company’s major management activities will be transparently and fairly conducted to improve all parties value and rights and will do our best to increase the clients and stakeholders’ gratitude and to create social values.

We are aiming to become truly the best comprehensive eco-company that represents the entire territory. We have secured the treatment capacity in various eco-industry sectors, such as water treatment, air treatment, odor and dust control, and moved the industry to a higher level by applying the best engineered technology in energy management and heat control. The evolution we are generating for the industry will have a faster pace.

We promise that the company’s activities will be transparent and fair. We will not spare any efforts to increase the clients and stakeholders’ gratitude and to create social values.

Once again, thank you very much for your support and encouragement.