Ozone Treatment

“THE BEST NATURAL ALTERNATIVE” solution for a green and safe treatment for your health and comfort
Ozone Treatment


Why Ozone?

Ozone is an unstable natural gas with a pleasant scent that fills the air after a thunderstorm, the half-life of the ozone molecule is just 20 minutes, but during the lifetime it has an exceptional oxidation potential, which makes the gas an important element of modern industry ozone in nature, its oxidizing properties, make it the most efficient and the most environmentally friendly disinfectant being nature’s own disinfection agent. Ozone eliminates a large number of harmful contaminants like viruses, bacteria and fungi. It is twice more oxidizing than chlorine, but unlike chlorine and other chemicals, unconsumed ozone reverts back to oxygen with no residuals.

Advantages of our technology

  • Unbeatable air quality of spaces and interiors (surgery rooms, hotel rooms, cars, laboratories, etc.)
  • A safe and homogeneous treatment of indoor environments (ozone is a gas that is saturated homogeneously).
  • Significant reduction in plant sanitization costs (labor and use of chemicals).
  • Reduction of indoor air pollution.
  • Easy to use (automatic systems on request);
  • Safe sanitizing treatment (does not require the use of chemicals or specialized personnel).
  • A sanitizing technology that leaves NO RESIDUE on surfaces, medical instruments or in the air.
  • This technology can be perfectly integrated into existing protocols, thus overcoming many operational limitations.